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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My First Client!

Today was such a fun day! I had my first ever client at school! I think I did a pretty good job, aside from being super nervous! Susan had to help me out a little bit, but for the most part I did it by myself. I know I will only get better from here, and I'm so excited!

I enjoyed the tanning bed after school and it was super relaxing. My back has been hurting pretty badly the past couple of days {I swear it's all the cleaning I've been doing} so the heat from the bed really helped!

Tonight I had dinner at Donna's and it was delicious. I'm so glad we went over there. I have missed Griffin and Jack and I love getting to spend some time with them. They are two funny little kids, so there is never a dull moment!

Tomorrow is school again and hopefully another trip to the tanning bed. I don't work again until Thursday, and then I'm off again until next week. Something has got to change...and soon! Luckily though, Thursday I should make some pretty good money.

I still need to tackle the that is top of the list for tomorrow afternoon. I'm determined that it will get done tomorrow! And so far, the rest of the apartment has stayed pretty much spotless since I cleaned yesterday :-) I know what you're thinking, "It should be still spotless, it's only been one day!" Yeah, well, sometimes I don't have a great track record at keeping things clean, but I'm getting better!

Now, 90210 is on...and it's a pretty good episode. Those that watch...what are your thoughts so far on the show? Should we start a 90210 discussion post? I'm so in love with this show! Speaking of which, the commercial break is over, and I'm finally finished with this post.

Have a great night!! {And yes, I AM one of those people that work on a post in between commercials :-) Once I'm dedicated to a show, I'm DEDICATED :-) }


Nicki said...

I am loving the show too! I can't believe Brenda deleted Dylan! He was hers first and I hope he tells Kelly to hit the road and gets back with Brenda.