Giving to Guatemala

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Open House

Listening to… the air conditioner running, Still Standing playing on the tv

Thankful for… my great friends and wonderful family. God's unending grace and mercy.

In the kitchen… random things that need to be put away.

Sewing… nothing.

Reading… Mistaken Identity. I was going to start The Shack first, but picked up Mistaken Identity off the couch today and started reading...and now I'm hooked!

In the yard/garden… fresh cut grass

Praying for… a lot of things. Among the many things: the adoption journey of a fellow blogger, a family back home, my dad and his soldiers, a dear friend Sarah...and more.

Thinking about… how I should be picking up my house, how weird things are in my life right now

Looking forward to… my trip home on Saturday, reconnecting with Sonny, the Titans game on Sunday, and a play date with my kids on Monday

Hoping… that the next two days go by quickly and that I have a safe, quick trip home on Saturday!

I found this on another blog that I sometimes read. Play along if you like!