Giving to Guatemala

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ready for a lazy Monday

I'm so ready for Monday. This weekend has been filled with a lot of fun, friends, and family time with sister Lacey. But I'm ready to rest, and since I don't have school tomorrow and I don't have to work, I'm sleeping in! My house is clean, minus the dusting and vacuuming(which will be done tomorrow) and laundry is caught up, so I don't have ANYTHING to do! I am going to dinner with Michelle, a new friend from Daughters of the King at church, and I'm super excited about that.
I think the only thing I'm going to be doing tomorrow besides dinner with Michelle is shopping for Whittani's baby shower. I'm super excited about Baby Skylar, and can't wait for her arrival...which is just nine weeks away!

What have you done this weekend? What are your plans for the week?