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Friday, September 5, 2008

Finally Friday!

It seems as this week has been forever long. I've been super busy all week and every day it seems like the day has been super long. But this week has been a good week. I'm so very thankful for a "good" week. Especially after one or two "not so good" weeks.
A recap of the week...

Monday~ Mom and Caiti were still in town so we spent the day shopping. After hitting up the mall we had mexican for lunch and then they headed back to Greenbrier. It was time well spent with my sweet mommy and little sister. Whittani and I spent the afternoon and night together and watched the UT vs. UCLA game. Even though we (UT) didn't win, we still had fun cheering them on!

Tuesday~ Back to school. Tuesday was also spent at the bookstore where I picked up some amazing books and I'm so excited to read them all! You check out what I got on a previous post!

Wednesday~ Had my interview at Chili's and got the job! I start next Wednesday for orientation and I'm super excited! After the interview Whittani and I had dinner at Chili's and then went back to her house for a Girl's Night and to study for her finals.

Thursday~ Lazy day for me! School was good. After school I came home and chilled at the house. Did a few things around my apartment, but other than that I was lazy!

And here we are at Friday. School was good and I'm starting to learn how to do braids. I'll just say this...I never knew how hard it was to braid until I started trying to do cornrows and really tight braids. The ones I've always done on my self usually consist of really loose hair and lots of wispies! I'm learning though...even if it is REALLY frustrating at times! Whittani and I are having another Girls Night tonight and watching movies. I'm so thankful for such a great friend that I can just have chill time with.

School is tomorrow and then I'm driving back to Greenbrier for the weekend. One of my greatest friends, Sonny, and I are going to the Titans game on Sunday and I have a playdate with my kids on Monday. I can't wait to see them and spend time with them!

What are you doing this weekend?