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Monday, September 29, 2008

P.U.S.H Monday

Pray Until Something Happens has moved to Monday...and this is the first official Monday post!

This week, please remember the following in prayer:

  • Sarah- I have not heard from Sarah in the last couple of days, so I hope that means she got her job and is busy working. Please keep praying for her and Kyle!
  • My Uncle Bill is still holding on for something. We're not quite sure what, but he is hanging in there, but getting weaker with each passing day. The time is drawing near, but unknown to all of us besides Him.
  • Gary, my childhood friend {refer to previous posts to get his story} is doing well. Still under "house arrest" and will be for the next few months. He can't get sick, otherwise, his heart may fail.
  • Michelle is getting settled into her house and God has certainly provided for her. Keep her in your prayers!
  • I'm not getting many hours at work right now, so pray that that will change or that something else will be thrown my way. I have bills to pay, but know God will provide. I think this is one of those tests for me
  • Samantha and Tanner are in the process of searching for a new church home. While I am upset and struggling with the fact that I will no longer be worshiping with my sister, I respect the fact that they are feeling led elsewhere, and I know wherever they end up it will be exactly where the Lord leads them.
  • Jamie is back from Haiti. Check out her posts to read and see all about her trip.
I think this is it for todays post. If you have something you would like me to add, please post as a comment to this post or email me: