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Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Last nights 90210 episode was another shocker. I totally agree with ya Nicki. I can't believe Brenda deleted Dylan's number! He may be Kelly's baby daddy...but Brenda had him first. What I'm hoping for is that they show Kelly visiting him, and him getting back with Brenda! I'm more engrossed with what the old characters do than the new ones sometimes!

On another note, Naomi's parents have one crazy relationship. I see a divorce, and a very emotional Naomi in the coming episodes.

I'm a little shocked at Kelly agreeing to let Silver stay in her house while she's away to see Dylan. I have a feeling there could be a party or something to get her in trouble that will happen.

I'm really in love with this show. And I'm especially in love with the fact that it comes on Tuesday and Wednesday, that way, in case I miss something on Tuesday, I catch it on Wednesday :-)


erin said...

Emily, I just saw your facebook status and wanted to say that I'm sorry about your uncle Bill. I'm praying for you!

Sarah said...

Aah! I am so obsessed with this show too!!
And I am so more concerned about the old characters than the new! I freaked out for a good like 5 minutes when it was announced that dylan is the dad even though I knew it all along. haha!