Giving to Guatemala

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"It's the little things"

A few nights ago the girls and I decided to bake a cake for dessert. We had a little fun with food coloring and make a pink cake with blue and purple frosting. The girls had so much fun helping and frosting the cake. They are getting so big and independent. They are a blast to be around and I'm always trying to think of new and fun things to do with them. While we were digging through the pantry trying to find the food coloring, Makenna found some sprinkles. I sat her up on the counter and we each took a second to eat a handful of sprinkles. After she finished her mouthful, she smiled and said, "It's the little things that are so much fun!" She is too precious!

And she is right. It really is the little things in life that are so much fun. It's extra bath time so your Barbie's can swim longer. It's handfuls of sprinkles and dessert before supper. It's big blankets and movies on the couch. It's popcorn for supper. It's the little things that make memories. And I'm so happy I can make the little things fun for these sweet girls!