Giving to Guatemala

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Family Weekend

Last weekend my sweet, sweet cousin Emily and her boyfriend Shannon came to Knoxville to see me. We had such a great weekend catching up, spending time together and going out! I have missed being around her all the time and I'm so glad they decided to come up and visit Ryan and I. Hopefully they will come up more in the future now that they know how much fun we are!

Month Recap

  • School is great. Only a few more months and I'm done! I've been thinking about places to work once I get finished and I'm so excited!
  • Work at Chili's is good and it is starting to pick back up again.
  • Church is great! Our new building is coming along great and we are hoping to be in by Christmas! God has blessed Northstar greatly and I'm so thankful for such a great church family.
  • Life in general is great. Things are going well and I'm staying busy working and schoolin'.