Giving to Guatemala

Thursday, August 5, 2010

One to go!

I took today off from work and took the first part of my cosmetology test. I PASSED! WOO-HOO! Now, I just have to take the practical portion of it and then I'm officially licensed! I'm excited and ready to be done with that chapter of my life. No, I don't have a job in a salon lined up. I really like my job at the Credit Union, so maybe I'll find something part time to do in the evenings. If anything, I'll always have my license to fall back on.

My week has been slammed with Thirty-One stuff. I had a party on Tuesday night that has been a HUGE success. I have a meeting tonight and another party tomorrow night. I am so pleased at how it has taken off the last few weeks. From the party Tuesday night, I got to 2 bookings and one possible catalog show or another home party! I'm super excited. I have a another girl on her way over now that is going to be my next consultant on my team! I am pumped! Now is definitely the time to join, so if you're interested in making extra money and having fun, let me know!