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Monday, September 29, 2008

Cleaning Day!

It's only 10:45 {well, I'm sure it will be a little later by the time I finish this post,but you get the idea} and already I have:
*cleaned out the fridge
*cleaned the kitchen
*somewhat organized the laundry room
*folded towels, and put away said towels
*started a load of laundry {sheets, to be exact :-) }
*took two bags of garbage to the dumpster

And I've only been up and at it since about 9:45! I'm pleased with progress so far, especially since all the nasty {cleaning of fridge, kitchen, and trash} is done! All that is left on my list:
*dust and vacuum living room
*clean bathroom
*dust and vacuum bedroom
*finish, fold, and put away about 5 loads of laundry

I have found that the easiest way for me to clean is to everything that has to do with that one specific room until it is finished, and then move on to the next. I usually start in the kitchen, because it seems to be a gathering place for things whose homes are in the living room, bathroom, or kitchen. Then I usually move on to the bathroom, since there are usually cups that need to make it back to the kitchen. Then I start on the living room, because there are usually things that are supposed to be in the bedroom in there, so I put everything in its place there, and once the living room is spotless, I move on to the bedroom. I'll be completely open and honest. 50% of the time, the bedroom does not always get cleaned like it should. Probably because no one sees that room, and lets face it, by the time I get to it, I'm usually tired and don't feel like finishing it. But I usually try to make it decent looking.

I'm on a race against the clock to be finished with everything and have a spotless house by 2:00. I don't really have anywhere specific to go at 2, it just sounds like a good time to be done. The rest of my To~Do list for today:
*Tanning bed
*Study for DOK
*Re-arrange living room, just a little bit to make room for a new computer desk
*Head to Etowah for some sister time with Lacey!

What are you doing today?? Any quick cleaning tricks you use?