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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Simply Saturday

Saturdays and I have a love/hate relationship these days. I love Saturday because normally I just go to school all day and come home and relax from the week. Here lately though, I've been working on Saturday nights, and closing nonetheless. Samantha and I both close tonight, so we'll be nice and sleepy at church in the morning for sure :-)

I have stayed busy at school this week, and today especially. I had two haircuts and a pedicure today and then ran the front desk the rest of the day. It was a pretty simple day.

So far, since being home from school, I have loaded and run the dishwasher, put a load of towels in the wash, picked up the kitchen and bathroom, and picked up around the living room. The list for when I get home from work, is much longer than what I've done so far. I still need to put away all the clean laundry, pick up my bedroom, do two more loads of laundry (and then I will have no dirty clothes in my house, except for what I'll be wearing), take out the trash, mop the floors, vacuum the carpet areas, and bring down and put away winter clothing. Hopefully I'll be in the mood to clean when I get home from work. Otherwise, I'm going to be a cleaning machine tomorrow. My goal is to not have to lift a finger after church though. At least at my house.

I have pictures to pick up from Walgreens, and then I must go to work for the night. I'm glad Sam is working tonight, otherwise, I might be one unhappy little girl. I love working with my Sam!