Giving to Guatemala

Monday, November 10, 2008

Greenbrier Weekend

Saturday I drove to my sweet little town and spent a couple of days. It's always nice to go back to your roots, even if it is only for a short time. I love going home and spending time with all my friends and family.
Saturday night we had Davy's 2nd birthday party! Pictures to be posted later :-) We had a really good turnout of family and friends. I know Davy enjoyed having Ella-Kate, Kaitlin and Colton there to help him celebrate and open his toys! And I enjoyed catching up with Amber, Kerri, and Kristen and the rest of my family. And of course, cuddling sweet Braxton!
After his party I got a chance to have dinner with my best friend from high school, Rheanne. I've missed her tremendously and with everything that has gone on in my life lately, I've missed her even more. We had such a good time catching up and going through old memories. I'm super blessed to still have my best friend, even though I moved so far away.
Sunday was filled with church and family time. Nan cooked lunch so we all spent the afternoon there eating and laughing and playing. It brought me back to the old days when Nan cooked almost every Sunday. I miss those days...
This morning I met my sweet cousin, Emily, and had breakfast and then started the trip back home. I'm now safely back at home and cleaning here and there around the house. I did do a little CVS shopping when I got back, and earned me a few CVS bucks while I was there! That's always a plus for me!