Giving to Guatemala

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


If you've been reading my blog lately, then you know about my awesome friend, Gary. He recently went through a heart transplant on September 11. He is doing wonderful so far!

From his surgery, he has met others waiting on the transplant list. Last week he met a girl who I believe he said is 18. She is waiting on a heart and will remain in the ICU at St. Thomas hospital in Nashville until a heart is found for her. Only about 2% of her heart is working. This is a very scary time for her and her family. Gary was able to visit her last week and witness and encourage her.

Please pray for this young girl. Pray that God watch over her, keep her out of pain, and find her a heart soon. I know how the power pf prayer works, because it's through prayer and God's grace alone that I still have my friend here with me today.


Kerri said...

Hey, I think Gary Wayne's new friend was in her freshman year at UT this semester. Kind of close to home for you. I know he is thankful for friends like you.