Giving to Guatemala

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Leaving the comfort of what we know

Our message at church this morning was about Jonah and his journey to Ninevah. Most of you all know the story. God called Jonah to witness to the people of Ninevah, Jonah was on his way, decided he didn't want to go, and was then swallowed by a whale. Jonah didn't want to leave the comfort of what he knew. Most of us are like that in our lives today. We're comfortable where we are, who we're with and what we're doing. Some are called to serve elsewhere, and many answer the call right away. Some wait a little bit longer until God really pulls at them. In our service today we were blessed to have the Masters family join us. They are missionaries serving in Asia. They had a remarkable story and I'm so glad I got to hear all about their journey so far. They have been living in our Mission House for the past few months and at the end of December they will travel back to their village in Southeast Asia. Please pray for their safe travels.

Tonight as I sit here close to family and friends, there is a little girl and her mom serving Nicaragua. The left out Friday and arrived safely. Mom Michelle and daughter Emma are serving at an orphanage for the next ten days. The most amazing thing about this story? Emma is only 11 years old. I have the privilege of being Emma's Grapple Team leader in our S.T.O.R.A.G.E class at church. This remarkable little girl has such a heart for Jesus. Each week she comes to me with a different prayer request and has such awesome examples of how we should live our lives for God. Emma's family had been going to Nicaragua and serving over the last few years, but because it is so expensive Emma never got to go. About a month ago, Emma asked the church to pray that they be able to have enough money so that she could go on the next trip. Her family pulled together, sold some things, and raised enough money so that Emma could go on her first mission trip. She was ecstatic. I'm telling you, this little girl has such a burden for people. If everyone had a heart like hers, our world would be a much, much better place. We received word from her dad that Emma is doing great. She and her mom are helping and serving at an orphanage. Emma is the youngest person there with the group she is with. The most exciting part so far? She's been asked to lead the devotional on Wednesday! I'm so excited for her. And it makes me be super proud to be her teacher :-)

This week, as your going through the hustle and bustle of your daily, ordinary life, pray for those that have given up the comfort of what they knew to serve our God. Pray that Emma and Michelle stay safe and have a good trip. Pray that Emma's eyes be opened to all the things God can do and will do if we serve Him. Pray for that Masters family, and other missionaries around the world. And pray for the children at the orphanage. Pray that they understand that even if they are without the love of earthly parents, they have a heavenly parent that loves them far more than anything they can imagine.