Giving to Guatemala

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Is it really...

Wednesday already?!? I suppose it is, but it sure doesn't seem like it should be Wednesday already. The last three days have flown by. I have been working non-stop the last few days and it has really caught up with me here lately. I closed Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Monday I ended up working straight through, meaning I worked from 11am until close, at 11pm. Needless to say, yesterday I was feeling it. I ended up not going to school yesterday and staying home and doing things I needed to do around the house.

Almost November? It seems like since I started school, the months have really gone by fast. I can't believe that November is fast upon us. I love the fall weather and the leaves changing on the trees. I can't wait for Thanksgiving and some much needed family time.

less than TWO months until Christmas?! Yes, it really is. And I for one, am super excited! I can't wait to put out my Christmas decorations. I love decorating for Christmas and I'm super excited about it again this year. I can't wait! I was upstairs this weekend going through boxes and moved all the Christmas ones to the front! It seems like ever store I go into here lately has more and more Christmas stuff out too. It makes me want to put my stuff out even worse when I see it out in stores. Just a few more weeks and it's coming out! I usually wait until after Thanksgiving, but since I'm more than likely going to be stuck in Knoxville this year for Thanksgiving, I may put it out that day! I guess it all depends on how bored I get!