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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

P.U.S.H. Wednesday

My goal was to get this out this morning, but life sometimes gets in the way of things. Nonetheless, here is our list for this week. There have been some updates, and they are in blue!

1.My friend Kristen is currently looking for a job, with no luck so far. She's a single mom with a sweet baby boy to raise, so pray that God will bless her with a good job quickly, and one that will allow her time to spend with her baby as well. Kristen had an interview last week and got called back for the second round. She went to that and feels good about it, she's just waiting to hear back from them.
2.Josh is still covered up with work. Which is a good thing, and we thank God daily for His rich blessings in the work area. Pray for Josh's safety as he travels to jobs, and for his men that work for him. Pray that God use Josh and give him the knowledge to make each job a success. Josh hasn't had to go out of town much this week, and I'm so thankful for that! I miss him when he's gone. He'll be leaving on August 24th and will be gone for a week to a class though. I don't know what I'll do while he's gone!
3.Our families. There are varoius situations within our families that just need prayer. God knows the needs there.
4.There is a blog I read on a daily basis, and she's also on my blog list: Dreaming Big Dreams they are in the process of moving, and adopting! Since I come from a family where an adoption just took place, I know the process and how stressful it can be. Not only are they adopting, but they are adopting from Haiti, and they are adopting TWO children! Amazing! I think the Ivey's are getting closer and closer to moving! Pray for a safe journey to Texas!
5. Another blog I read is Bring the Rain: The Story of Audrey Caroline and love it. Angie will be speaking at a church in October, so pray for her as she prepares for that, as well as homeschooling her twin girls.

New Requests not on last weeks list:
1. Sarah- her husband is searching for a new job, and from her blog, he looks to have had a pretty promising offer from a company. Pray for them and the management of the company that they see fit to hire Sarah's husband. Searching for a job is stressful and hard. You can read more about Sarah on the post below!
2. Me- I start a new job next week. With cosmetology school hours being so crazy, it has been hard for me to find something where I'm going to make decent money and still be able to study. I start serving at Puleos Grille, and I'm nervous and excited! Hopefully the money will be good!
3. My childhood friend, Gary, is sick. He's battled MD (muscular dystrophy) his whole life, and it has reached his heart. He's 20. Only about 5-10% of his heart is working like it should. He's on the transplant list, and now his activities are very limited. Please pray that he gets a heart soon. It is heartbreaking to know that someone I have grown up with, is on the verge of death.
4. My dad is possibly facing another deployment. We don't know where yet, but it seems to be they are on the ticket for Afghanistan.

If you're new, and just now reading, feel free to join us in praying for those listed above. If you have a request, post it in the comment section, or if you want to remain anonymous, email me at I'll post your request for next weeks segment. And please, feel free to tell others about Pray Until Something Happens(P.U.S.H.) Wednesdays on your blog! The more the merrier!