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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

P.U.S.H Wednesdays

I'm sure many of you have seen the little acronym P.U.S.H- Pray Until Something Happens. That's what my new Wednesday segment here will be called. And since I had a little extra time on my hands, I figured rather than wait until next week to start, why not start today! I explained all about it in yesterdays post so you can read about it there. Basically, if you have a prayer request that you would like included in the upcoming weeks P.U.S.H. post, email me at if you want your request to remain anonymous, please let me know. If not, I'll only publish your first name. Or, you can leave a comment of your request on the current weeks post, and I'll transfer it to the next weeks. Over the course of time, if your request is here, and once it's answered, PLEASE...let us know!

As for this week's requests, they will all come from me until others add comments/or send me emails. I will do my best at updating so that I get everyones requests in for this week, but they will defintely be on next weeks!

Join me in praying for the following:
1.My friend Kristen is currently looking for a job, with no luck so far. She's a single mom with a sweet baby boy to raise, so pray that God will bless her with a good job quickly, and one that will allow her time to spend with her baby as well.
2.Josh is still covered up with work. Which is a good thing, and we thank God daily for His rich blessings in the work area. Pray for Josh's safety as he travels to jobs, and for his men that work for him. Pray that God use Josh and give him the knowledge to make each job a success.
3.Our families. There are varoius situations within our families that just need prayer. God knows the needs there.
4.There is a blog I read on a daily basis, and she's also on my blog list: Dreaming Big Dreams they are in the process of moving, and adopting! Since I come from a family where an adoption just took place, I know the process and how stressful it can be. Not only are they adopting, but they are adopting from Haiti, and they are adopting TWO children! Amazing!
5. Another blog I read is Bring the Rain: The Story of Audrey Caroline and love it. Angie will be speaking at a church in October, so pray for her as she prepares for that, as well as homeschooling her twin girls.

So far, those are the only requests I have. Please, if you are reading and believe in the power of prayer, leave a comment, and if you have a request, please leave that as well. I will add you to my list of requests, and include them in my daily prayer times as well!


Sarah said...

Thank you for doing this! How amazing! I might have to link this on my blog and join you. Would that be ok?
Now I do have a request. My husband applied for a new job and we are praying that God has favor and grants him this job. And if this job is not His will then that another door will open for him. We are believing for a job that will pay well enough for me to not work full time. Thank you again and I will be praying for the ones that you posted.
ps: I love Angie's blog, bring the rain. I read it all the time. How amazing it is! :)