Giving to Guatemala

Thursday, June 12, 2008

WOW Week..Day 3

Today was Day 3 of WOW Week and we spent the day at Cade's Cove...

We drove the scenic loop around the park and enjoyed the views of the mountains, looking for deer and bears, and hopped out of the van a couple of times to explore an old church, mill, and house that is part of the area. The church was simple, just one room with hard wooden pews. Churches have really changed these days! The mill was beautiful and I probably could have stood and looked at it all day. The water was nice and cool and the kids had fun splashing in it. They had fun exploring the old house, and we even saw a sparrows nest with three baby birds peeking out of it! We enjoyed a nice picnic lunch under a shade tree and then it was back in the van to finish the rest of the loop and head home! { I had a picture of the mill, but for some reason photobucket won't load it the right way, so it's sideways!}
God's creation is so beautiful, yet unappreciated by some. The waterfalls, trees, streams, and mountains are too magnificent in beauty. God had to have had us on his mind when creating such beauty for us to enjoy.