Giving to Guatemala

Friday, June 27, 2008

My favorite little boy

This is Davy, my sweet little cousin. He is absolutely precious and I found these pictures taken a few weeks ago when I was home for the weekend. Davy is a miracle baby to our family and such a blessing. He came to us through adoption.
For years my aunt and uncle tried to have a baby of their own. After a lot of prayer and doctor visits, they decided to adopt. The process for them and the rest of our family was long and heartbreaking at times. We wanted a new baby in our family and were ready to welcome it in our lives with open arms.

There was a time when a birth mother chose my aunt and uncle to be the parents of her child. We met her, had lunches with her, and welcomed her into our lives. We were at the hospital with her during the birth of her baby. And stayed with her the remainder of her stay. She told us over and over again that she was happy with her decision and she wanted the best life for her baby. The morning that my aunt and uncle went to bring him home from the hospital, she broke their hearts and ours and said she had changed her mind and she wanted to take the baby home with her. We were devestated.
The next few weeks were awful. My aunt had a baby room ready for a new baby and lots of little baby things that filled the drawers, closets, and shelves. She didn't know if she would ever want to be put back on the list for adoption. She changed her mind a few weeks later and they decided to try again.
Exactly two months to the day after the birth of the first baby, they got a call. A woman wanted to meet them. She was due a month later and wanted my aunt and uncle to adopt her baby. We were excited, but very distant to the idea since we had already had our hearts broken once. They met and hit it off great. A few weeks later we were able to meet the birthmother and she is amazing. She has such a wonderful heart, but things were keeping her from being able to give her baby the best life he deserved.
After Davy was born, his birthmom kept her promise and allowed him to come home with our family. She has since kept in some contact with my aunt and uncle, and has met her son once. My heart goes out to her because I know she has to miss him. She carried him for nine months, only to give him away.
My prayer to her is that she know he is loved well beyond the stars. He is an answer to prayer and has been loved so wonderfully loved since the day he was born. Thank you for giving our family the gift of Davy, birthmom. Your gift will never be taken for granted, nor will you ever be forgotten. You have touched our lives with Davy and we couldn't thank you enough.