Giving to Guatemala

Monday, June 30, 2008

A day on the lake...literally

Saturday was another fun day on the lake. Our journey started at noon and didn't end until 7am Sunday morning. We had a blast...and it was interesting to say the very least. We had to make several stops at other docks to pick up more of our crew so it took us all day to get to Sequoyah Marina for Fire on the Water to watch the fireworks. We also ended up stopping to wait out a storm too. The firework show was awesome. After partying with friends we started the journey back to our dock at around 2 or 3am. It was dark, cold, and everyone was so tired! We didn't even make it back to our dock. We found an empty slip at another dock close by, tied up, sent someone to get the trucks, and headed home! Needless to say, no one got to bed before 7am Sunday morning, but it was a blast! Famous quote from this trip: "It's not about the time or the destination, it's about the journey!" The picture above is Margaret and I, the two classiest ones there! Looking forward to next weekend already!