Giving to Guatemala

Monday, June 9, 2008

A little more about me

So I decided that each day {or at least every other day} I'll tell you a little bit more about me. So for today, I'll enlighten you on my family...or at least a little bit of them.
My parents are still married to each other, and I have a little sister that is a model. They live in Greenbrier with the rest of my family. They have been very supportive in my recent journeys here in Knoxville, but that doesn't mean they don't miss me! I'm reminded all the time that I can always come home, although I don't see that happening anytime soon!
Like I said, my little sister is a model, and will graduate high school next May. I can't believe she's growing up. She's beautiful, about 5'9, maybe 5'10, and lovely! Hopefully soon I'll have some of her pictures to share with you all!