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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Reminder Update

My summer goals have not gone as well as planned. However, I am happy to report that 2 of the 3 credit cards I own have a $0.00 balance on them and the third is on its way to being paid off. And I'm also happy to report I have done super good at not putting anymore purchase on above mentioned PAID OFF cards!! Yay...go me!

If you want to read my reminders, you can do so here: Journey Through Life: Reminder to Me

After this week I should be able to cross off enrolling into Cosmetology school as well, since that is happening this week. I can't tell you all how excited I am about that!


erin said...

Emily, you are SO wise to be paying off that debt! I made it through all of college debt-free, but then I got a credit card, and it was not a good thing! I soon had 6-7 cards, and I just wasn't wise with my choices. The sooner you get that taken care of, the more freedom you will have!