Giving to Guatemala

Monday, May 18, 2009

My 21st Birthday!

I had a 3-day birthday celebration last week and had an absolute blast! I'm so thankful for my amazing friends and family that helped me celebrate. We started on Friday night at midnight and went down to the strip for a little while. That was eventful!
Saturday I had dinner with some amazing friends at Calhouns on the River. My amazing big sister Sam went all out and got me a yummy cake too!
Sunday I went back to Greenbrier and spent Mother's Day with my mommy and the rest of the family. We had a delicious Sweet~n~Sassy cake, some homemade ribs and bar-b-que and more..compliments of my daddy, the wonderful cook!
The first 21 years of my life have been amazing, eventful, and full of great here's to 21 more!