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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

Yesterday was Memorial Day. I meant to do a post yesterday, but didn't have the chance. Nonetheless, here it is :)

Memorial Day is a special day. It's a time set aside to remember those that fought for our chance to have the freedom that we do today. Many lives have been lost throughout the years so that we may live in a country free to do almost anything we choose. Many have friends and family that have served in some branch of military at some point. I'm no different. My dad is the Command Sergeant Major for 2nd Squadron of the 278th regiment. He served in Iraq for 18 months and is currently preparing his soldiers for a second tour. I'm proud of my daddy and all that he has done for our country. His service will never go unnoticed. I'm thankful for those that came before us to fight and defend our country, and I'm thankful for those that continue to do so today.