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Friday, January 2, 2009

Goals for 2009

  • Keep a clean house the majority of the time. Lately I've been a little on the lazy side and have let things (laundry) pile up. I know everyone is guilty of this at times and that's why I don't always feel bad for having a messy lived in house. This year I aim at doing a better job of keeping house! And, I'll be honest here, because that's what I'm all about-being honest, I haven't gotten off to a great start so far. That's only because I haven't been home long enough to get the house in a decent order yet. But as soon as I do, my house will remain clean and spotless!
  • Do not use my credit cards unless absolutely necessary. And necessary does not mean because it's on sale, because I would look cute in it, or because it would look amazing in my house. I've had my credit cards paid off for a few months now and would like to keep them that way. I've even been tempted to close my Victoria Secret account but I love the coupons I get in the mail for just having the account so I'll probably keep it for now.
  • Finish cosmetology school. Right now I'm projected to be finished mid-October. I'm super excited and can't wait!
  • Save more. Last year I splurged on things I didn't really need. This year I hope to cut out that extra spending and have some money built up in my savings account by the end of the year. I'm not going to set a specific goal amount because I'll just be disappointed if I don't meet it. I'll be happy with anything I'm able to save!
  • Make new friends. I have some wonderful friends already, but a few more wouldn't hurt!
  • Memorize more Bible verses and read more of the Bible. I want to know God's word more and the only way I'll ever know it, is by reading it!
I have a few more goals, but right now I don't want to share them. I'm praying about them and praying about ways that I'll be able to meet them. What are your goals for 2009?