Giving to Guatemala

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A life changed

You may remember from a previous post that I had mentioned that one of the girls in my Grapple group at S.T.O.R.A.G.E. went on a mission trip to Nicaragua with her mom and a team of others. They arrived back in Knoxville safe and sound this past Sunday, after spending 10 days loving on children in the Hogar Agape orphanage. Last night during S.T.O.R.A.G.E. Emma shared about her experience with her friends. I was listening to this little girl tell about children who had no mommy or daddy to love them. The purpose of this trip was to share about Jesus and to bring Christmas to the orphanage. Emma shared that she realized on this trip that she had a room full of junk and these kids had nothing. Her little heart was burdened that she had so much when these children just like her had so little. It was amazing. As she was telling stories about her trip, a few boys were laughing and cutting up. Emma, with the most stern look on her face, told them that none of this was funny; it was sad and she was disappointed they thought it was funny. At that moment, I saw the love and desire in her heart for these children in Nicaragua. When I asked her about her trip, the first thing out of her mouth was "I'm going to live in Nicaragua." And I have no doubts that this little child will be used greatly in the coming years, for her life has been changed, for good.

Thank you to those that prayed for Emma's trip.