Giving to Guatemala

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Why This Waste

Sunday morning at church, Pastor Scott shared the story in Matthew 26. Specifically the story of the woman with the alabaster jar.

A woman from Bethany came to see Jesus while he was at Simon the Lepers house. It was right before passover. She brought with her an alabaster jar of expensive perfume. She anointed Jesus with the expensive perfume, and the disciples questioned her. Why this waste? You could have sold it for a lot of money and given the money to the poor. Jesus then explained to the disciples that when she poured the perfume over his body, she was preparing him for burial. Certainly not a waste in Jesus' eyes.

I'm preparing for a trip to Guatemala in 3 weeks. I am beyond excited. For a week I will get to love on the people of a country less fortunate then I. I had the opportunity to love on these people this time last year and it was an amazing experience.

When I returned last year, I had several people ask Why would you want to go to a poor country? What could be so great about a country that has nothing? Why waste your time...

I was floored by some of the responses I got. Most of the people with these responses don't know the love of Jesus like I do. They don't have the same desires on their hearts that I do.  They don't understand that it's not a waste of time.

When I go to Guatemala, I have not wasted a thing. I have spent a week out of my busy life loving on people and showing them the love and grace of a God that will never leave them. Showing them a God that wants to give them eternal life through Him. How can that be a waste?

So, Why this waste? Because it is what God has called me to do. It is what God has laid so heavily on my heart. To show His love and spread His word to a nation. To follow Him... to be used by Him until His work is done

(To hear the words to the video, you will have to go to the bottom and pause the music player)