Giving to Guatemala

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


This is my sweet boy in Guatemala. I miss him so much today. It's been a month since I've seen him. I loved on him so much for 5 days straight. I wish so much that I could have just brought him home with me. He was the most loving, sweetest little thing ever. Every day he would find me, and it would take everything I had just to get him to go back to class when it was time for us to change groups. We were both attached to each other. Diana and I had a chance to get some pictures copied so I copied a few of Edgar and I to give to him. When I gave them to him he grabbed them out of my hands and pulled them close to his heart. I told him to put them in his "mochilla" (backpack) in really broken Spanish and his eyes lit up and he took off running full speed through the play ground and clutched the pictures so tight to his little chest. Of course by that time, tears were streaming down my face.

This little boy, who only knew me as a 'gringo' loved me so much. He told me every day he loved me and that we would be best friends always. He hugged on me, kissed on my cheeks, and sat in my lap. On the last day, the kids knew we were leaving and wouldn't be back. Before we left, we literally climbed up my legs for me to hold him and buried his little face in my neck and I could tell he was crying. I was trying so hard not to let him see me cry but my heart was breaking for this little boy.

I knew and still know, nothing of his family. I don't know if he is loved in all the ways I'm loved. I only know that I got to love him and tell him about Jesus' love for 5 days. I got to give him three pictures that hopefully will remind him that I love him so much and that I'm praying for him constantly. But most importantly, I pray that they remind him of a God who is always there, always forgiving, and always loving.