Giving to Guatemala

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Please pray

As many of you know, I'm leaving on Saturday for a trip to Guatemala where I'll be there for 7 days. I need your prayers!

Monday night I spent several hours in the emergency room and after some tests was diagnosed with a kidney infection. After a shot in the hip and some antibiotics I was released. I'm taking the medicines now, but they are making me sick to my stomach. Please pray that God will heal me before I leave on Saturday. I will have to continue the medications while I'm there, but it would be awesome if God will make the nausea go away before then!

And since I've got you praying....will you pray for the rest of the team going? I'm sure they are having their fair share of attacks from the devil this week as well. And, would you pray that God's grace and glory shine through all of us when we step off the plane...and that the people of Guatemala will come to know Him?