Giving to Guatemala

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Sunday with the Sister

Last Sunday after church Samantha and I decided to play outside. It was such a spring like day and we were determined to take full advantage! We ventured out of Knoxville and made our way to Big South Fork State Park and spent the afternoon walking the river and basking in God's creation. It was such a beautiful day and to have the opportunity to spend it not only with Sam, but to feel God's presence around us was amazing. I have always been in awe at all God has created for us to enjoy and while we were out in the mountains I couldn't help but think how intricate each tree, plant, and rock was. There were pinecones on the ground and Sam and I had a discussion on what God was thinking when he decided we needed pinecones. So simple and unique, yet so perfectly created by God.
Before we headed back we also had the chance to stop by my Uncle Roger and Aunt Dulcie's house for a quick visit. We had a yummy snack of pulled pork sandwiches with homemade BBQ sauce and it made me miss my Aunt Dulcie's yummy southern cookin'. I can't wait to have another afternoon to go back!