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Friday, May 30, 2008

Prayer Request

At this point, I'm not really sure who all reads this blog of mine, but if you are of praying faith, then please, join me in lifting up a prayer to a friend of mine, Dwight Veon. He and his wife are mourning the going home of their infant son. I do not know a lot of details surrounding this tradgedy, but can only know that they are feeling a world of hurt and pain right now.

Dwight and I became friends when I was in middle school and we both attended the same church camp, Fort Bluff, in Dayton, TN. We kept in touch that summer, but lost touch soon after. It wasn't until recently that I came across his page on MySpace. We've since talked a few times and I found out this morning that his sweet son is now resting in the hands of Jesus.

Join me in praying that he and his wife will find comfort in each other and will lean on each other instead of away from each other. As with any tough situation, it puts a strain on a young marriage. They also have another young son, who is now dealing with the loss of his baby brother. Pray that God comfort that sweet child as well, and give him only the memories of his baby brother and not the circumstances leading to his death.


Sarah said...

I know this was back in May but I still lift them up in prayer. I can't even imagen how hard that must be. How are they doing?