Giving to Guatemala

Friday, June 4, 2010

plane tickets, family time, lake, ice cream, sunshine

This has been one crazy week. Our trip to Guatemala was postponed again. Delta canceled our flight for yesterday morning so Kim, one of the greatest women EVER, spent all day re-booking our flights. I'm all set to fly on June 21st.

Spent a little  lot of time on the mountain this weekend. Our annual family cookout and family time was amazing as always. Sam and I drove up Saturday and spent the day and then I went back on Sunday after church. I love being at Uncle Lanny's house. It is always so peaceful.

We kicked off our version of VBS at church last night. Can I just say that 60 preschoolers is a little crazy. I have never been so exhausted as I was last night. They had a blast though. I have plenty of pictures...I'm just too tired tonight to load them.

Today was a relaxing day working on a little June Bug stuff and spending the day at the cove with the boys. They had such a great time swimming. After getting cleaned up and a little lunch we headed to the mall for some ice cream. They were both in great moods...always a plus!